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What You'll Do as a Patreon Member

What is Patreon?


Patreon is my membership management site. With a subscription-style payment model, you pay a monthly amount of your choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, lots of goodies and pampering, and a closer look into my creative journey.

What You Receive

Depending on which of the three tiers you choose, you will receive different rewards. Tiers begin at the $5/month level and go up to $15/month. Each level receives digital content such as prayer journal entries, phone lockscreen wallpapers, and digital Procreate brushes or stamps, all made by me.


The upper level receives both digital and  tangible rewards like digital watercolor backgrounds by other creatives, exclusive Doodlestrations, and watercolor from my Kim LeBeau Watercolor line.

New in 2021 will be my Patreon Member Adopt-a-Color. As a patron, you will get to curate a color with me and have it named after you!

What You're Doing When You Join

Your support helps our family pay for things like groceries, utilities, doctor visits and homeschool classes. It allows me to be able to be in our home as a full-time homemaker and the lead educator for our son. It allows me to be able to pursue my dream of monetized art.

Thank you!