Bullet Journal Page : The 16 list to check

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Looking for bullet journal page ideas that will serve as your organizer and live your life at your best?

Bullet journals are most essential in our daily living due to the fact that in every aspect of or phases of our life it would be easier to locate the thing that you are looking for.

Use a journal page to trace your activities, (previous and present),your daily routines to stay fit , healthy, and productive, the books you want to read, the fashion trend you want to wear, the movies you want to see and even the places you want to visit! Your expenses and the money you save.

Shortage of ideas? Or just want to see some things that will exasperate your imagination and add more life to your BuJo, here is a list of journal page ideas that will surely inspire and ignite your next destination!

Updated this post already. Originally, there were only 51 BuJo ideas. But the readers loved the post so here’s another more to the list!

It was also rearranged how the ideas are presented so that it would be easy for everyone to scroll down and check. Similar items are being grouped together.

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I think that would be pretty enough already. Are you all excited for these bullet journal page ideas? So… let’s now start to navigate.

1. TITLE/COVER - In this page it can be the title of your entire bullet journal, a yearly cover page, or a monthly cover page. You can choose whether it’s artistic or colorful, or just plain and simple, or something that is very attractive and presentable that fits your, personality.

2. KEY/SYMBOLS - Using a lot of symbols in your bullet journal, much better to have all those symbols printed in one page so that you will be guided.

3. INDEX - Come and think of it that an Index Page normally is a list of information or any citation that should be arranged alphabetically with specific data or topics that gives each item the number page where it may found.

Index… Yes you can find such in any book on the end part of it.

BuJo contain lots of information about your daily life, it would be easy for you to locate topics or information where there’s a title of a particular page and the pages itself. It is related to “table of content”.

So before you scan it you just go to this page and look for the topic you want to know or dig it. It would be very easy and relaxing.

If you still have few ideas in your bullet journal, you can still make more and just keep adding to it when you have added another page in your BuJo.


Contact numbers are listed in one page.

Put all your contacts in your bullet journal. Contacts of your immediate family, colleagues, close friends, emergency hotline (ambulance, hospital, police station, fire station, NORECO II- for the electricity), internet connection, neighbors.

This works like any Contact Page that you find in planner.

You can create the layout yourself, or you can just print a ready-made template and insert it in your bullet journal.

We can save contacts and other information in our smartphones, but these things can still get busted or lost. Much better to have a backup just in case and your bullet journal is a promising space for that.


Have you tried that you forgot your password?

And you even forgot your username, nor email add?

Yes. It happens to all of us.

It is not difficult to memorize more than one accounts, password, contacts, and other events in our day to day routine. So for the safety, it is better to have an organizer or a password lists.

And it did!

You cannot have them in one page, so when you need it, go over your notes. Yes it is time consuming and sometimes annoying.

What could be better than a personal notebook closest to your heart – your bullet journal!


Mind mapping is a tool for the brain that helps you capture and visualize concepts in structuring information, and generate new ideas. Simply a graphic organizer where you put the main idea in the center and create new one in the next set or level of your structure. It is limitless.

However, mind mapping is not limited. It can be applied into other things like brainstorming ideas, goal setting and self-care ideas. It would be very interesting if you made your own.


Human as we are we tend to forget sometimes some of our very important events in our lives.

We are not good as others in remembering those dates. Why do we have to keep them?

You can keep them in your Bujo.

You can make your own style and be creative in making birthday lists.

You can also incorporate holiday dates in your Birthday Page


Planning a birthday party?

There’s a bullet journal page that keeps everyone’s birthdays. Well you can also add another to your lists- a plan birthday party!

Bullet journal page can accommodate every party detail you have in mind. So that you will not miss the events and on what to do, where would it be, and everything to be done. Take a look on the example.


Plan how your holidays to be meaningful and remarkable one, with a bullet journal page specifically made for it!

A simple bucket list that you plan to do throughout the holiday season, or a very detailed plan of each activity that you need to accomplish daily to prepare for the big holiday event.

It could be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other holiday, a page just for it is sure to help you make everything memorable and fun!


You can add a simple calendar for references and just to remind you of today’s date.

You can also make a monthly calendar in your lists in BuJo which functions like a planner – where you can write reminders for each date and add your goals and some notes for the month.


Keep tracking of all your weekly tasks with a weekly spread.

You can opt for something like the minimalist’s style. Occupy the whole two pages of a journal. Make it simple. Mostly just black and white in color.

You can also make one with other few sections like a small calendar on top, a list of to-dos, a habit tracker and a really artistic page title.

Whichever your prefer, that is completely up to you.


Monitor everything you have to do in a day with a daily spread sheet

List your priorities daily. You can even go further as to list what you will do. And if that’s not yet enough, add more notes.

The format can be plain and simple – purely notes, a date and a few lines to separate your thoughts

It can also be just a collection of tasks that you will have to complete each day, with some really nice artwork for inspiration.

You can also divide your bullet journal into sections to separate your work and personal priorities.


A plan gives you a direction and preparation as well. In your bullet journal this is one of greatest guide that you make that would help you decide what you really want to be where you wanted to go.

Whatever plans you may have each year must be aligned to your goals and accompanied with values.

In a normal world we failed in unexpected time. So, much better to create this page so that you will be guided towards your relationship, career, finances (your investment or management of your money), for five years.


If a five-year plan seems daunting, you can opt for smaller increments, like a 3-year plan.


Be guided of what you have written in your 5-year plan or 3-year plan and could be yearly plan. You can also inject some activities from time to time monthly or annually for as long as it is achievable. Be simple in taking down and dividing the phases of your life every year.

Usual are Self (Spiritual Function), Family, Career/Business, Social, Finances, travel, Advocacy, and others. You can add more to your list.


Create monthly goal page a simple but concise.

Subtask your goal and be specific for that month if possible it is achievable.


Monthly review gives you a quick glance on how progressive you are in your goals. You will be motivated and inspired in achieving your goals seeing little by little of your proceed.

You can add a monthly review page in your bullet journal.

You may include the following:

  • accomplishments for that month

  • personal progress ( differences between previous and last month)

  • personal struggles

  • things you learned and what you want to remember

  • events you want to start, stop and continue

  • things that you were most proud of and grateful

  • most challenging experiences

  • big events you

  • status of your project

  • improvements you expect to see in the coming month